Will Phenq Work to Help Me Lose Weight?

I decided that I needed a supplement to help me lose these last few pounds. I always end up giving up on a diet when I get to the last few – ok, 10 pounds -that I want to lose. I seem to lose my enthusiasm and I think it is due to losing my patience.

Effects of PhenQ on People with Autism

The first few pounds are easy to get rid of. I get excited and so I lose a few more, or I work out an extra day of the week. But, once I get to the plateau phase I quit. I hope Phenq will help me reach my goal.

Can People with Heart Failure Issues Take PhenQ?

Why PhenQ Is Great For Weight Loss

There are many weight loss supplements available out there, but PhenQ is one of the best. If you read reviews from people who have used this product, more than 80% of them have experienced marked weight loss without having to deal with a ton of side effects.

Understanding Metabolic Override

The rate at which you burn energy is determined by how fast your metabolism is. Everyone has a metabolism – and everyone will burn a certain amount of energy even when they are lying in bed asleep. The difference between someone with a very fast metabolism and someone with a very slow metabolism is generally only in the order of a couple of hundred calories per day – but to someone who is trying to lose weight, even having a couple of hundred extra calories per day to play with will make all the difference.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was some form of ‘metabolic override’ that you could use to speed up your metabolism and lose weight more quickly. Well, there is in some ways. You can speed up your metabolism, and promote fat loss, by changing how your body responds to leptin.

Leptin is powerful hormone that changes how you feel hunger, how fast your metabolism works, and how you burn fat. If you have been eating above maintenance for a long time, then your body will be leptin resistant, and you will find that you struggle to lose fat. You need to break that leptin resistance to lose fat and to stay lean.

You can reduce leptin resistance by taking taurine and acetyle l-carnitine supplements, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Over time, your body will start to tolerate leptin better, and this will help you to lose fat – both because the body will burn fat more efficiently, and because you won’t feel so hungry all the time. It’s like hitting the reset switch for your metabolism, and will help to produce a leaner, healthier and less hungry (and less cranky) you. No crazy crash diets, and no endless hours of cardio required for success.

Safety Measures to be Observed Before Taking PhenQ

While there is a chance that some people may have different results, these numbers are very impressive, especially considering there are many other supplements out there that either do not help people lose much weight or they have so many medical issues from using them that it makes it more bad than good to purchase them.